Turn escalators to revenue generators
while preventing epidemic

Adcalator is a whole new unique and revolutionary form of advertising solution which turns your escalators to revenue generators.

Adcaltor is even sterilizing the handrail of escalator while it’s displaying the ADs. With the unique design of the Adcalator and it’s location which stays on the top of the traffic’s path, it is a perfect medium for reaching the customers.

Adcalator is a revolutionary concept for advertising in the sense that it provides media in a way never thought possible. This new concept integrates technology with an escalator. The innovative and unique design of the Adcalator is making the connection between itself and the consumer effortless.
Since the media used by the Adcalator is located at the beginning part of the Escalator, the images that are displayed on the Adcalator are easily viewed by all the escalator passengers.

Adcalator is truly at the forefront of advertisement media. The operation and maintenance of the Adcalator, integrates Information Technology and the content management of advertisement is operated by a remote computer system. This new technology is ideal for shopping malls, Airports, and other populated area with escalators.

Advertising Features

  • Can be installed in all major airports and department stores, etc. (Contributes Global Marketing)
  • It uses a 19 inch tempered glass protected screen. (It can display both still and motion pictures)
  • It can allow an unlimited number of advertisements.
  • It always provides a bright and clear screen.
  • All advertisements are interacted with wireless network to provide faster and more accurate updates.
  • It delivers an incredible listening experience to any music selection, providing the perception of deep, rich bass and an amazing 3D sound.

Safety Features

  • AMBER alert feature is one of the most important features that the Adcalator provides. With this feature you can send out an alert, that there is a lost child somewhere in the building. It takes approximately 2 minutes from the time one of our staff members is given the information to the time it is displayed on the Adcalater.
  • Adcalator can also give weather bulletins such as a severe thunderstorm, tornado, hurricane, and other severe weather and flood warnings. This is critical in an area that may experience severe weather seasons.
  • Adcalator can be installed with a hidden surveillance camera with facial recognition as an option for government law enforcement sectors. For this option, please contact us at for detail.

UV Sterilization

Since most organisms get into our body from the air and in dust on the skin, environmental ultraviolet light is clearly important in keeping down the rate of human infection in general. Out of doors this will happen naturally, but within buildings it may be necessary to use an artificial source of UV. There have been a number of studies that have shown that this works. The approach could be useful in the broader effort to combat contagious diseases such as flu, SARS, MERS, RNA Virus, tuberculosis and cold viruses.


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