We deliver your success through partnership

Acrossland provides representative/liaison service through partnership for number of major corporations from all of the world. We can represent either your whole business or a small project case by case. Our partnership services include followings;
  • Market Research
  • Sales Broadcasting
  • Target Lead Reach out
  • Resource Bridging
  • Closing Agreements
  • Event Management
  • Media Development
  • Brand Marketing/Management
  • Licensing

Satisfying Partners - Just to name a few


ADCALATOR (Korea)Fathom Realty(TX, USA)
GE Financial (IL, USA)Bally Total Fitness (IL, USA)
PrintSoft (Australia)Morgan Beaumont (Mexico)
Goldman Products (IL, USA)Innoride (Korea)
American Forest (DC, USA)Safe Traffic System (IL, USA)
AmeriMation (IL, USA)Froyos(GA, USA)
Forevergiving (AZ, USA)Branchpro (Czech Republic)
Up Lift (FL, USA)Eco-Optic (France)
Rio Negro (Brazil)Family Inn (Czech Republic)
PrimeTax AG (Switzerland)NOVA ONE (WI, USA)
Chicago Health Consultant (IL, USA)Envoy Media Group (CA, USA)
Tea Enterprise (CA, USA)WHITTY Construction (HI, USA)
SASSI IL, (USA)Corban Industrial Design (Canada)
Brick (Korea)Oficialni Dodavatel (Czech Republic)
Auto Royal (IL, USA)Pledgemine (IL, USA)


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